Abe and Cilly KEHATI Z"L -Wedding  May 14, 1946,  "' "                 SEE ANOTHER PICTURE
At The Dorf's home in Antwerp                                                                             Back to DORF

Present: Left side: Mrs. ?, Mr. ?, ?, Helen Hollander, Frieda Dorf, Fanny Dorf, Wolf Dorf, Issy Dorf, Cilly& Abe.
Seated on right side: Mr. ?, Mr. Schiff, Malvine, Moshe Dorf, Marcus Dorf, Chasan ?,
Standing on right side: Zalman Lehrer, Issy Offen, Mrs. Ruth Lehrer, Mrs. ?, Israel Grinblat, Paula Grinblat, Jacky Offen, Roza Dorf, Mrs. ?, Chasan Fux, Mrs. Fux, Addelle, Gershon Lehrer, Regine Lehrer,