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Herszkowicz Family

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B - Denotes that I have a copy of the Birth Registration.
M - Denotes that I have a copy of the Marriage Registration.
D - Denotes that I have a copy of the Death Registration.
Information marked in Green denotes that it was found in The Lodz Book of Residents, which contains residents of Lodz between 1897 and 1930.

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Descendants of

Menachem Mendel Herszkowicz

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  G Generation No.
4. Menachem Mendel Herszkowicz Born: 25/01/1878 in Lodz, Poland.   [Source: jri-pl  PSA 1884 B # 279, BoR].
         Died: 1966 in Kibbutz-Hulda, Israel.
    +Tzila Szlamowicz.  
Born: 21/1/1880 in Jesow, Poland.     [Source: BoR].
           Married: Abt. 1907 in Lodz, Poland.
           Died: 1936 in Kibbutz-Hulda, Israel

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