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Sources: Some were found in The Lodz Book of Residents (BoR), which contains lists of residents of Lodz between 1897 and 1930.
                Jri-pl Organization gathers indices of documents from Poland.

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Descendants of

Hersch Zvi Herszkowicz

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  G Generation No.
3. Berek
Hersch Zwi HerszkowiczBorn: 12/11/1858 in Konstantinow, Poland.   [Source: jri-pl Film # 730172 B # 39].
    Died: 1941 in Paris, France.
     + Pessa.
Abt. 1877 in Lutomiersk, Poland.  [Source: jri-pl].
  Second Wife: Zisla Chuma Kahane-Kopper.          

       Born: Abt.
1851 in Nowe-Miasto, Poland.   [Source: BoR].     
       Marriage Registration:
08/03/1893 in Lodz, Poland.  [Source: jri-pl PSA M # 84, BoR].
        Died: in Lodz, Poland.

+2 nd wife of Robert: Viviane Regine Golant.  Born: 29/11/1946 in Antwerp, Belgium.
         Married: 2001  
         Died: 15/04/2012 in Bellevue, Wa, U.S.A.

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