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Descendants of Chaim Hollander

Main Family names in this branch: Hollander, Katznelson, Lippin,  Seligmann,  Schaferman.

1. Yecheskel Shraga Feiwel Hollander. Born: in Piwniczna, Poland.  [Source: Tombstone of son].
        Died: in Sancz, Poland.
         + Tyly Maryem Braunfeld.      
[Source: jri-pl].
  2. Moshe David Hollander. Born: 1840 in Piwniczna, Poland.
            Died: 1942 in Nowy-Sacz (Tsanz), Poland.

      +  Chana Hofstatter. Born: 1840. Died: 1926.

3.  Chaim Hofstatter-Hollander. Reisel
            Born: 22/01/1878 in Nowy-Sacz Poland. [Source: Antwerp lists].                                          
Transport IIV # 884, 29/08/1942 to Auscwitz, Poland. [Source: Mechlen lists].
       + Reisel Strumpfer-Landau.   
                Born: 12/11/1878 in Brezeko, Poland.   Divorced.      [Source: Antwerp lists].
Married: About 1905 in Poland.  Divorced in Poland.
                Died:  14/09/1954 in 
Nilopolis, Brazil. 

   4. Willie Hollander. Born: 1906 in Disburg, Germany.
               Died: 21/07/2000 in Nilopolis, Brazil.
           + Tony Taube Lefel. Born: 1912.
                Died: 27/10/2003 in
Nilopolis, Brazil.
             No Children 
   4. Feiwel Hofstatter-Hollander.
                Born: 27/08/1908 Duisburg,
Germany.   [Source: Antwerp docs].
                Transport XI # 1087, 17/09/1942 to Auscwitz, Poland. [Source: Mechlen lists].
        + Eva Katznelson. Born: 19/02/1917 in London, England.   Sister of Karl, below.
              Married: 24/12/1938 in Antwerp, Belgium.  
[Source: Antwerp lists].
Died: Abt. 2003 in Antwerp, Belgium
              (re-married: Herman Blumenthal. Born: 28/06/1907 in Berchovo, Russia.
                Married: 20/04/1954
in Antwerp, Belgium.    [Source: Antwerp lists].
                Died: Abt. 1995
in Antwerp, Belgium.)     
5. Henri Hofstatter-Hollander. Born: 9/09/1941 in Antwerp, Belgium. 
[Source: Antwerp docs].  
                  Died: 9/10/2019 in Rayong, Thailand.

               Married, divorced, no Children.                   
            *2nd marriage: 20/06/2003 inThailand.

   4. Sally Sara Hofstatter-Hollander.
                Born: 18/07/1911 Duisburg, Germany.   [Source: Antwerp Docs].
                Died: 1995 in Antwerp, Belgium.

           + Karl Sharl Katznelson. Born: 27/11/1911 in Antwerp, Belgium.  Brother of Eva, above.
                  Married: 21/11/1939
in Antwerp, Belgium.               [Source: Antwerp docs].
                  Died: Abt. 1996 in Antwerp, Belgium
              Both were on transport XXV 19/04/1944 from Mechlen to Bergen-Belsen
[Source: Mechlem lists].
                       No Children.  
   4. Tilly Hollander. Born: 28/05/1913 in Disburg, Germany.
            Died:   in Duren, Germany. 
     + Kurt Yitzchak Seligmann. Born: 29/05/1915 in Koblanz, Germany.
         Married: in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
            Died:   in Duren, Germany. 
      5. Ruth Chana Seligmann Born: 1944 in Tel-Aviv, Israel.            City: Regba, Israel
          +Yoseph Schaferman. Born: 1945 in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
            6. Liat Schaferman. Born: 1967 in Kibbutz-Evron, Israel.         City: Regba, Israel.
                 +Alon Lippin.  Married: 4/10/1987 in Jerusalem, Israel.    Divorced
                7. Racel Lippin.                    Born: 1988 in Jerusalem, Israel.
                7. Elisha Ben-Tzion Lippin. Born: 1989 in Jerusalem, Israel.
                7. David Chanan Lippin.      Born: 1991 in Jerusalem, Israel.
                7. Shlomo Lippin.                 Born: 1992 in Jerusalem, Israel.
                7. Menachem Mendel Lippin.  Born: 1994 in Jerusalem, Israel.
                7. Avraham Naftali Lippin. Born: 1995 in Jerusalem, Israel.
           6. Yariv Schaferman. Born: 1971 in Moshav-Regba, Israel.     City: Nir-Tzvi, Israel.
                +Nurit Kleinman.  Born: Nir-Tzvi, Israel.
                7. Moran Schaferman. Born: 2007 in Nir-Tzvi, Israel. 
           6Sa'ar Schaferman. Born: 1979 in Moshav-Regba, Israel.


* 2nd wife of Chaim Hollander: Mariem Kempler.
            Born: 30/01/1902 in Piwniczna, Poland.
[Source: Antwerp lists].
4Jakob Hofstatter-Hollander. Born: 6/11/1931 in Duisberg , Germany.
    4. Chana Hofstatter-Hollander. Born: 2/09/1933 in Duisberg , Germany.

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