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Hollander Family Tree
Descendants of Natan  HOLLANDER
Branch -8

לאתר בעברית
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Main Family names in this branch: (click)
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3. Natan Hollander. Born: 5/05/1884 in NowySacz, Poland.
         Died: 26/02/1964 in Brussels, Belgium
         4. Edith Hollander.     Died in Argentina. No children.
            4. Bertold Hollander. Died in Argentina. No children.

   *2nd Wife of 
Natan Hollander:  
    + Marry Futerman. Born: 5/07/1895 in Warsaw, Poland.
               Married: 1920 in Dusseldorf, Germany.
               Died: 31/10/1992 in Brussels, Belgium.
Sidonie Sara Hollander. Born: 3/02/1923 in Dusseldorf, Germany.
                        Died: 8/09/2011in Ramat-Gan, Israel.
                + Menachem
Reich. Born: 1920 in Kosice, Czechoslovakia.
                             Married: 1/06/1946 in Perenei, France.
                             Died: 2/08/1953 in Kfar Saba, Israel.     
[Source: Cemetery Records].
Shoshana Reich. Born: 1947 in Kfar-Saba, Israel.                         City: Ramat-Gan, Israel
                      + Aron
Berman. Born: 1945 in Israel.
                                   Married: 1966 in Kfar-Saba, Israel.
                        6. Menachem Berman. Born: 1968 in Ramat-Gan, Israel.
                               +Gali(a) Mahalalel. Born: in Israel.
                                       Married: 23/08/1993 in Ramat Gan.
                        6. Michal Berman. Born: 1971 in Ramat-Gan, Israel
                        6. Etay Berman.     Born: 1977 in Ramat-Gan.
              5. Chana Reich. Born: 1953 in Kfar-Saba, Israel.                        City: Natanya, Israel.
                      + Israel
Fishelson. Born: 1953 in Natania, Israel.
                              Married: 11/06/1974 in Natania, Israel.
                      6. Liran Fishelson.  Born: 1975 in Natania, Israel.
                      6. Romit Fishelson. Born: 1980 in Natania, Israel. 
                      6. Erez Fishelson.    Born: 1986 in Natania, Israel.

         *2nd Husband of Sidonie Sara Hollander:
               + Meir
Spektor. Born: 15/06/1922 in Jelochov (Warsaw), Poland.
                         Married: 22/11/1955 in Natania, Israel.   
                         Died: 23/01/1998 in Ramat-Gan ,Israel.
Yehoshua Spektor. Born: 1958 in Kfar-Saba, Israel.       City: Paris, France
. Penina Spektor.      Born: 1958 in Kfar-Saba, Israel.       City: Kfar-Saba, Israel
                  + Yoram
Gazit. Married: 08/1978 in Ramat-Gan, Israel.

                       6. Omer Gazit. Born: 1980 in Kfar-Saba, Israel.
                       6. Nirit Gazit.   Born: 1984 in Kfar-Saba, Israel.
                       6. Yael Gazit.   Born: 1988 in  Kfar-Saba, Israel.

   4. Tilly Hollander. Born: 3/02/1923. City: Uccle, Belgium.
             + Filex
Jacoud (Yacobovitz). Born: in Poland.
                   Married: 1945 in Brussels, Belgium.         
                   Died: 11/1994 in Brussels, Belgium.

          5. Ralf Jacoud.      Born: 1947. City: Uccle, Belgium.
          5. Michel Jacoud. Born: 1948. City: Knokke Heist, Belgium.
              + Dominique. Born: 1952.

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