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Picture taken in Jerusalem at Avi Pomper's Bar Mitzva.

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Condolences: With great sorrow and disbelief we condole the Nusbaum family for the untimely death of Edith Nusbaum on 23.01.2015 in Toronto, Canada.
1. Mazel-Tov to Yossie & Maly Juda from Toronto, for the birth of Daniel Aaron , 25 march 2017, and to the grandparents Tibi & Laya Juda.
2. Mazel-Tov to Yoni Pomper for the marriage with Chani Lichter, June 16, 2016. Mazal-Tov to his parents Susan & Mark, and his grandfather Mark Nusbaum.


Names of main families in this Branch:
           JUDA      KRUGER      NUSBAUM       PINCZOWER      

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    3. Yosef Juda.    Born: 25/12/1900 in Svidnik, Czechoslovakia.
                Killed: 09/1944 in ?     [Source: Yad-Vashem POT 1314109].
        +Pepi Josephine Pearl Goldberger.     Born: 1903 in
            Married: 1927 in Dobra nad Ondavu, Czechoslovakia.
            Died: 08/11/1999 in Toronto, On,  Canada.
       4. Turi David Aryeh Juda.     Born: 4/05/1929 in Kosice, Czechoslovakia.
                   Died: 28/03/1970 in Toronto, Canada.
      4. Tibi Yehoshua Zvi Juda.     Born: 1934 in Kosice, Czechoslovakia.                    City: Toronto, On, Canada.
          +Laya Baila Hirshprung.     Born: 1948 in Montreal, Qu, Canada.
                Married: 31/05/1977 in Montreal, Canada.
         5.  Chana Zehava Juda.     Born: 1978 in Toronto, On, Canada.                       City: Toronto, On, Canada.
            + Jeffrey Yitzchak Menashe Rothenstein.
                Married: March 26, 2000, in Toronto On, Canada.

            6. Pinchas Eliyahu Rothenstein. Born: 2001 in Toronto, On, Canada.
            6. Hadassah Perel Rothenstein. Born: 2004 in Toronto, On, Canada.
            6. Binyamin Aryeh Rothenstein. Born: 2007 in Toronto, On, Canada.
            6. Yehuda Dov Rothenstein.       Born: 2010 in Toronto, On, Canada.
Yoseph Chaim David Juda.  Born: 1984 in Toronto, On, Canada.                 City: Toronto, On, Canada.
                  + Maly.
6. Pinchas Juda.              Born: 2011 in Toronto, On, Canada.
             6. Moshe Eliyahu Juda. Born: 2014 in Toronto, On, Canada.
             6. Daniel Aaron Juda.      Born: 2017 in Toronto, On, Canada.
         5.  Ari Mordechai Tevel Juda.  Born: 1986 in Toronto, On, Canada.                   City: Toronto, On, Canada.
              +  Tamar Nechama Weitz.
                    Married: 26/06/2012 in
Toronto, On, Canada.
             6. Baruch Alter Juda.    Born: 2014 in Toronto, On, Canada.

    4. Edith Fromet Juda.  Born: 23.11.1938 in Kosice, Czechoslovakia.
                  Died: 23.01.2015 in Toronto, On, Canada.
         + Mark Shaul Shlomo Baruch NusbaumBorn: 1935 in Sandomierz, Poland.                   City: Toronto, On, Canada.
               Married: 28/06/1960 in Toronto, On, Canada.
                Mark Nusbaum second marriage:  6/03/2016 with Janine Weinstock, in Toronto, Canada.
         5. Shari Shoshana Tova Nusbaum.    Born: 1964 in Toronto, On, Canada.                  City: Toronto, On, Canada.
               + Dani Aaron Weil.    Born: 1967 in Toronto, On, Canada.
                    Married: 15/11/1987 in Toronto, On, Canada.
            6.  Eden Adina Rivka WeilBorn: 1990 in Toronto, On, Canada.                    City: Toronto, On, Canada.
                  + Michael Elyakim Litwack.
                        Married: 14/08/2012 in Toronto, Canada.
Kira Yardena Weil.          Born: 1994 in Toronto, On, Canada.
            6. Yosef Aryeh, Joseph Arthur, Weil. Born 2004 in Toronto, On, Canada.
    5. Suzy Sarah Devora NusbaumBorn: 1966 in Toronto, On, Canada.                    City: Miami-Beach, Fl, U.S.A.
         + Mark Moshe Issur Pomper. Born: 1959 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
             Married: 5/07/1987 in Toronto, On, Canada.
           6. Avi Benyamin Avraham Pomper. Born: 1988 in Toronto, On, Canada.  
               + Ariela Zuker. Born: 1989 in Staten-Island, NY, U.S.A.
                    Married: 20/08/2012 in New-York, U.S.A.
               7. Leah Meira Pomper.    Born: 2013 in
Miami-Beach, Fl, U.S.A.
               7. Zechariah Yosef Pomper. Born: 2015 in Miami-Beach, Fl, U.S.A.
               7. David Netaniel, Dovi Pomper. Born: 2017 in Miami-Beach, Fl, U.S.A.
           6. Yonathan Aryeh PomperBorn: 1990 in Toronto, Canada.    City:  NY, USA.
               + Chana Sara Lichter.  Born: 1990.
                     Married: 16/06/2016 in Monsey, NY, USA.
           6.  Yosef Daniel Pomper.   Born: 1992 in Miami, Florida, U.S.A.  
City:  NY, USA.
                 + Bracha Beitler. Born: 1994 in Passaic NJ, USA.
                        Married: 10/04/2016.
                 7. Alizah Frumit Pomper.    Born: 2017 in NY, U.S.A.
           6.  Rivka Esther Pomper.  Born: 1994 in Miami, Florida,  U.S.A.   City:  NY, USA.
                   + Yair Warner. Born: 1993 in Toronto, On, Canada.
                       Married: 16/12/2016
                 7. Hdassah Frumit Warner.    Born: 2017 in NY, U.S.A.
           6. Elisheva Chana Pomper.             Born: 1997 in Miami, Florida , U.S.A.
           6. Ezra Yitzchak Pomper.                Born: 2000 in Miami, Florida , U.S.A.
           6. Yehuda Yakov Pomper.             Born: 2004 in Miami, Florida , U.S.A.
           6. Penina Ahava Pomper.                Born: 2006 in Miami, Florida , U.S.A.  
      5. Naomi Chana Nusbaum.   Born: 1970 in Toronto, On, Canada.                  City: Bet-Shemesh, Israel.
         + Lawrence (Larry) Edward Eliyahu Yakov Pinczower. Born: 1967 in New-York, NY, U.S.A.
              Married: 20/06/1999 in Toronto, On, On, Canada.
          6. Pnina Pinczower.           Born: 2000 in Toronto, On, Canada.
          6. David Chai Pinczower. Born: 2001 in Toronto, On, Canada.
          6. Tzipporah Batyah Pinczower. Born: 2003 in Toronto, On, Canada.
          6. Avraham Yehuda PinczowerBorn: 2004 in Toronto, On, Canada.
Chayah Rachel Pinczower.     Born: 2006  in Toronto, On, Canada.
          6. Ben-Zion Aryeh
Pinczower.    Born: 2008  in Jerusalem, Israel.
    5. Tammy Tamara Leah Nusbaum. Born: 1975 in Toronto, On, Canada.              City: Modi'in, Israel.
         + Joshua Yehoshua Moshe Kruger. Born: 1972 in Toronto, On, Canada .
            Married: 16/06/1996 in Toronto, On, Canada.
          6. Ariel Gedalia Kruger. Born: 2001 in Toronto, On, Canada.
          6. Adin Dror Kruger.       Born: 2002 in Toronto, On, Canada.
          6. Avishai David Kruger. Born: 2006 in Modi'in, Israel.
          6. Hila Miriam Kruger.    Born: 2008 in Modi'in, Israel.

          6. Talya Rivka Kruger.   Born: 2011 in Modi'in, Israel.
          6. Eliyah Yossef  Kruger.   Born: 2013 in Boston, Ma, U.S.A.

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