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Branch-10.1  Shnitzler, Leibowitz,  Muller

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לענף הזה בעברית



1. To the Schnitzler family for the passing of R' Baruch Yehuda, Aug. 1, 2015 in Brooklyn.

2. To the Schwartz-Farkash family for the passing of Chaya (Schnitzler) on 5/04/2009, in Jerusalem.

3. To Muller family for the passing of Avrum Mulller on Sept. 29, 2010 in Monsey, NY, U.S.A.


1. Mazel-Tov to Blima and Dudi Kraus from NY, and the grand-Parents Shsulem & Channa Schnitzler, for the birth of Mimi.
2. Mazel-Tov to Rivka and Shmuel Friedman from Suffern NY, and the grandmother Blima Mermelastein, for the birth of Shaya.
3. Mazel-Tov to Ruchy and Pinchas Fried from Monroe NY, and the grand-Parents Yakov & Chaya Fraidel, for the birth of Dobrish.
4. Mazel-Tov to Yehudies and Yakov Sofer from Vienna, Austria, and the grand-Parents Avram Yona & Miriam Schwartz, for the birth of Zissel.

Main family names in this branch: Schnitzler, Buxbaum ,Farkash, Fried, Friedman,
Landau, Mermelstein, Muller, Rozman, Rubinstein, Schwartz, Weinberger.

 ųGeneration No.

+ 2nd wife of Moshe Muller: Mindy Lichtenstein.
        Adopted children from Mindy 's previous marriage:

                                                   + Shmuel Fruchter.

 * 2nd wife of Shulem: Chava.   City: Jerusalem, Israel.

                   Died: 6/04/1977 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A.       [Source: SSDI].
     + Yenta Golda Muller.
Born: in Kerester, Hungary.
Niece of Mendel Muller. Her father: Isaac Leib Miller, brother of Mendel Muller. See above (2).
 Cousin of  Sura Tzurtel  Muller.
            * 2nd marriage: Avraham Yitzchak Horowitz.         City: Williamsburg, NY, U.S.A.

.   See below

+ Duvid Glick.

*2nd husband of Chaya: Ben-Zion Schwartz.
         Married: 1957 in Jerusalem, Israel.
         Died: Abt. 1983 in Jerusalem, Israel.

*3rd Husband of Chaya: Ruven Gross.
 Born: 1934 in Uypest, Hungary. Married: Abt. 1987 in Jerusalem, Israel.
            City: Jerusalem, Israel.

*2nd wife of Shraga Shmuel Schnitzler:  Gittel.  Born: 1892.
                   Died: 01/09/1964 in Jerusalem, Israel.   [Source: Cemetery].
*3rd wife of Shraga Shmuel Schnitzler:  Leah.  Died: in Jerusalem, Israel.