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Sources: SCG - Sub-Carpathia-Genealogy site. 
                POT - Yad-Vashem Page of Testimony.

The Sub-Carpathia area was
under Hungarian control 11th century-1920 and 1938-1944, Czechoslovakia (1920-1938), since 1944, Ukraine.
Some Locations mentioed in this page:

      Iloncza,   Hungary         Ilnice, Czechoslovakia ,         Today is Il'nytsya, Ukraine.
     Kerecke, Hungary.          Kerecky, Czechoslovakia ,    Today is Keretsky, Ukraine.                                                                                                                                       

Descendants of Leah  &  Nute  Weis.
The following Families are a part of this branch:
     Weis       Eisdorfer        Itzkovitz      Karasik         Kind
     Klein      Moskovitz      Rot        Sharf   Shtorch     Ungerman      Wiesner

1. Samuel Rosenbaum. [Source: Son Szaja Mendel's death rec.].
        + Hani Lieba. 
[Source: Son Szaja Mendel's death rec.].

2. Szaja Menachem Mendel Rosenbaum. Born: Abt. 1847 in Alsókaraszló, Hungary.                                                    
        Died: 10/05/1924 in Ilnice, Czechoslovakia.
[Source: SCG Son Mendel's death Rec].
        + Terézia, Rezi, Drezil Friedman. Born: Abt. 1850 in Iloncza, Hungary. [Source: SCG Death Rec.].
             Married: in IlonczaHungary.
            Died: 7/02/1927 in Damoc
, Hungary.  [Source:  Matzeva]

3. Ruchel Leia Rosenbaum. Born: 19/12/1889 in Ilonce, Hungary. [Source: SCG Birth Reg. #151].
         Killed: 15/06/1944 in Auschwitz, Poland.    [Source: POT # 13851174].
      + Yitzchak Nute, Ignatz Weiss (Veisz). Born: 06/1887 in Kerecke, Hungary.    [Source: SCG 1910 Birth Reg. #104].
            Married: 22/11/1911 in Ilonce, Hungary.   [Source: SCG Marriage Reg. #44].
            Killed: 06/1944 in Auschwitz, Poland.   [Source: POT # 13861594].

    4. Chana Lieba, Janka Hani Weis.    Born: 11/10/1912 in Ilonce, Hungary.  [Source: SCG Birth Rec.].       For continuation, See Branch 6.1 
          Died: 28/08/2007 in Bene-Berak, Israel.                                                        
         + Yehoshua Heshel Moskovitz.  Born: 05/1906 in Boldova, Hungary.
                Married: 26/12/1945 in St. Peter, Hungary.
                Died: 10/10/1971 in Bene-Berak, Israel.
            5. Rachel Leah Moskovitz.    Born: 1946 in Bedgastan, Austria.        City: Bene-Berak, Israel.
               + Meir Saraf.    Born: 1942 in Pardes-Chana, Israel.
                  Married: 29/01/1964 in Bene-Berak, Israel.
            5. Nute Yitzchak Moskovitz.  Born: 1949 in Kfar-Chabad, Israel.    City: Bene-Berak, Israel.
                + Sara Sher.  Born: 1951 in Hungary.
                   Married: 10/07/1970 in Bene-Berak, Israel.
            5. Esther Moskovitz.   Born: 1953 in Kfar-Chabad, Israel.        City: Bene-Berak, Israel.
                 + Nachman Kind.  Born: 1953 in Bene-Berak, Israel
                     Married: 28/11/1971 in Bene-Berak, Israel.

      4. Sara Shari Weis. Born: 16/05/1914 in Ilonce, Hungary.   [Source: SCG Birth Rec.].               For continuation, See Branch 6.2 
                    Died: 31/08/2005 in Tzafariya, Israel.                                                         
           +Yitzchak Eisdorfer.    Born: 25/12/1906 in Cin, Hungary.
                 Married: 15/01/1946 in Damock, Hungary.
                  Died: 1986 in Tzafaria, Israel.
           5. David Eisdorfer.    Born: 1947 in Germany.         City: Bene-Berak, Israel.
             + Miriam Cohen.    Born: 1950 in Rumania.
                Married: 1974 in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
           5. Bluma Eisdorfer. Born: 1948 in Germany.                City: Tzafariya, Israel.
              + Baruch Weis.   Born: 1946 in Czechoslovakia.
                 Married: 6/10/1969 in Bene-Berak, Israel.
           5. Rachel Leah Eisdorfer.  Born: 1950 in Kfar-Chabad, Israel.   City: Beit Gamliel, Israel.
              + Meir Mendelovitz.   Born: 1951.
                 Married: 14/05/1979.

     4Mili Miriam Weis.    Born: 15/12/1917 in Damoc, Hungary.                                           For continuation,
                       Died: 5/10/2017 in Bene-Berak, Israel.                                                                  See Branch 6.3  
             + Alter Avram Itzkovitz.    Born: 20/05/1912 in Dobova, Czechoslovakia.
                        Married: 28/10/1948 in Badgastan, Austria.
                        Died: 17/01/2014 in Bene-Berak, Israel.
          5. Bat-sheva Itzkovitz. Born: 1948 in Luntz, Austria.         City: Bene-Berak, Israel.
             + Moshe Klein. Born: 1946 in Budapest, Hungary.
                Married: 31/12/1969 in Bene-Berak, Israel.
          5. Fishel Nute Itzkovitz.   Born: 1951 in Kfar-Chabad, Israel.      City: Bene-Berak, Israel.
              + Sara Levin.    Born: 1955 in Tel Aviv, Israel.
                  Married: 4/11/1975 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    4. Esther Etu Weis. Born: 23/09/1923 in Damoc, Hungary.                                      For continuation,
        Died: 30/10/2002 in Tzafaria, Israel.                                                                           See Branch 6.4
       + Zalman Ungerman.  Born: 2/02/1909 in Sailash, Hungary.
                Married: 10/05/1949 in Kfar-Chabad, Israel.
                Died: 20/02/1998 in Tzafaria, Israel.
       5. Chaya Ungerman.  Born: 25/06/1950 in Kfar-Chabad, Israel.   City: Tzafariya, Israel.       See Family Picture.
         +  Aryeh Karasik.  Born: 1945 in Russia.
             Married: 30/11/1970 in Bene-Berak, Israel.
       5. Leah Rachel Ungerman.   Born: 1952 in Kfar-Chabad, Israel.  City: Tzafariya, Israel.
          + Moshe Rot.    Born: 1949 in Tel Aviv, Israel.
             Married: 3/03/1981 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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