DORF - Family Branch 3

 לאתר בעברית

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DORF - Family Branch 3
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Descendants of Yitschak Isaac DORF

Yitzchak and Sara Dorf had 8 children, and 18 grandchildren. Only one grand-daughter perished in the Holocaust.

The list in this page shows  only  two generations. For further descendants, you can click on the Family names.                                                                                                                             

Generation No
  Yitschak Isaac Dorf.
               Born: 1852 in Dombrowa, Poland.                                                                              See Details
                Died: 7/11/1920 in Tarnow, Poland. [Source: Matzeva in Tarnow].
    + Sara Sheindel Fischelberg.
               Born: 4/08/1864 in Brzesko, Poland.
   [Source: jri-pl Birth Reg.]
                Married: Abt. 1893 in Biskupice, Poland. 
               Died: 2/08/1956 in Antwerp, Belgium.   [Source: Daeth Cert. Antwerp].

      4. Rivka Dorf. Born: 23/02/1893 in Biskupice, Poland.   [Source: jri-pl PSA B #4].

      4. Mina Mischket Dorf. Born: 16/05/1894 in Biskupice, Poland.   [Source: jri-pl PSA B #12].
                             Died: 27/07/1977 Los-Angeles, U.S.A.      [Source: California SSDI].  
         +Moishe Offen.  Born: 20/9/1893 in Dombrowa, Poland.
                             Died 1942 in Auschwitz, Poland.
           Names of main families in this Branch:

      4. Wolf Ze'ev Dorf. Born: 24/01/1896 in Biskupice, Poland. 
  [Source: jri-pl PSA B # 4].
            Died: 4/11/1971 in Toronto, Canada.
           +Freida Fromet Hollander. Born: 7/07/1898 in Tarnow, Poland.
                Married: 15/08/1921 in Dresden, Germany.
                Died: 10/01/1981 in Toronto, Canada.
         Names of main families in this Branch:
Elizur  Gubi  Hirshman                       Branch 3.2
          Kehati   Mann   Schidlow   Feig

     4.   Mordechai David Marcus Dorf.  Born: 15/02/1898 in Biskupice, Poland.  [Source: jri-pl PSA B #7].
                       Died: 1/12/1988 in Hertzelia, Israel.
              + Rosi Mandelbaum Born: 26/01/1909 in Leipzig, Germany.
                 Married: 03/1933 in Antwerp, Belgium.
                 Died: 21/02/1954 in Antwerp, Belgium.
          Names of main families in this Branch:
Dorf   Goldberger  Katzin  Peles                Branch 3.3

    4. Liebe Lipcha Lote Dorf. Born: 21/01/1900 in Biskupice, Poland.     [Source: jri-pl PSA B # 2].
                  Died: 13/05/1977 in Antwerp, Belgium.
         + Gershon Lehrer. Born: 14/09/1902 in Uszczyki-Dolne, Poland.
              Married: 1923 in Dresden, Germany. 
                  Died: 3/01/1975 in Antwerp, Belgium.

            Names of main families in this Branch:
            Baurenfreund Cressy  Feldman    Holles 

           Lehrer Meisels  Strassman      Tiefenbrunner       Branch 3.4

4.  Gitle (Gusti) Dorf. Born: 17/04/1902 in Biskupice, Poland.    [Source: jri-pl PSA B # 6].
                   Died:18/8/1942 in Auschwitz, Poland. 
         +  Meir WeinrebBorn 8/12/1895 in Podgorze, Poland.  [Source: POT # 1229501].
                           Died: 31/10/1942 in Auschwitz, Poland.
        5. Malka (Malvina) Weinreb. Born: 9/10/1930 in Antwerp, Belgium.   [Source: POT # 1229502].
                           Died:18/08/1942 in Auschwitz, Poland. 
        5. Channa (Anna) Weinreb. Born: 11/1/1933 in Antwerp, Belgium.      [Source: POT # 1229494].
                            Died:18/08/1942 in Auschwitz, Poland.
        5. Moshe Weinreb. Born 6/10/1935 in Antwerp, Belgium. 
                           Died:18/08/1942 in Auschwitz, Poland.
Yitschak Weinreb. Born 26/07/1937 in Antwerp, Belgium. 
                            Died:18/08/1942 in Auschwitz, Poland.
         The entire Weinreb  family perished in the Holocaust.

4.  Ephraim Dorf. Born: 4/02/1904 in Biskupice, Poland.
              Died: 5/02/1994 in Palm-Desert, Ca, U.S.A.              [Source: California SSDI ].
        + Hanni Kirschner. Born: 11/09/1924 in Berlin, Germany.
                 Married: 25/01/1948 in Barcelona, Spain. 
Died: 2/07/2012 in Palm-Desert ,Ca, U.S.A.
          Names of main families in this Branch:
                Dorf    Gibbs    Fishman                      Branch 3.5 

4.  Morris Moshe Dorf. Born: 2/06/1907 in Biskupice, Poland.
             Died: 2/10/1987 in Antwerp, Belgium. 
 Had no Descendants.
    4.   Yossef Dorf. Born: 18/08/1909 in Biskupice, Poland. 
              Died: 13/09/1980 in New York. 
Had no Descendants.         [Source: California SSDI].

* 2nd Wife of Yitschak Isaac Dorf:
    +  Mariem Chana Wolf.  Born: about 1865 in Biskupice, Poland.   
(Daughter of Israel Hirsh and Reisel).
            Died: 18/01/1892 in Biskupice, Poland. 
 [Source: JRI-PL Jabno list  D #5].
      4. Yacov Wolf.   Born: 01/1881 in Biskupice, Poland. 
            + Blume OstermanBorn: 06/1880 in Tarnow, Poland. 
                Married: 30/08/1903 in Tarnow, Poland.   [Source: JRI-PL PSA M #52].
                Died: 1913 in Tarnow, Poland.   [Source: JRI-PL PSA D #40].
5. Stillborn: 1904 in Tarnow, Poland.        [Source: JRI-PL PSA #B438].
      4. Aron Dorf. Born and Died in 1887 in Biskupice, Poland.    [Source: JRI-PL Jabno list].
      4. Yisrael Zvi Dorf. 

*1st Wife of Yitschak Isaac Dorf:
  + Reizel 
      4. Elyakim Dorf 
Chana Dorf 

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