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To the Hershkowicz and michel families for the passing of Robert Hershkowicz, in Bellevue, Wa, USA, on Nov. 17th, 2017  (BRANCH -3).

Herszkowicz - Family -Tree

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The following is a list of family names within the Herszkowicz Family Tree.
To find yourself in the Tree, Click on your Family Name.

Banitt Ben Zvi Brener Engel Herszkowicz Antwerpen
Herszkowicz Israel Hirsty Kehati Lebendiger Marinower
Mokadi Offer Post Rivkin


Descendants of Mendel Herszkowicz

The following Tree is just the outline of first generations.
For more details, click where possible below.
The number in front of a name is the Generation No.
B - Denotes that I have a copy of the Birth Registration.
M - Denotes that I have a copy of the Marriage Registration.
D - Denotes that I have a copy of the Death Registration.
I will be happy to provide you free copies upon request.

Information marked in Green denotes that it was found in The Lodz Book of Residents, which contains people who where registered residents of Lodz between 1897 and 1930.
If you have documents not shown here, please send me a copy.
Thank you. Shmuel