Yitschak Isaac & Sara DORF

Yitzchak and Sara Dorf had 8 children, and 18 grand-children. Only one grand-daughter  perished in the Holocaust.

  Yitschak Isaac Dorf was Born 1852 in Dombrowa, Poland. 
                   Yitschak Isaac died at the age of 68, 7/11/1920, in Tarnow, Poland.

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Obtained from Israel Lehrer

Yitszchak Isaac's Headstone is located in Tarnow.
        Obtained from Israel Lehre


His parents were: Father, Yacov Dorf, died at the age of 48.
                               Mother: Liba Weintrob

                They had four sons: Baruch Aaron, Shmuel Natan, Yitschak Isaac and Mordchai David, and
                       one daughter: Sara Reisel (maybe two).


Sara DORF (Fiselberg)

Sara Sheindel Fiselberg was Born 4/08/1864 in Brzesko, Poland.
                                  Sara died at the age of 92, on 2/08/1956, in Antwerp, Belgium. 

Sara Sheindel Fiselberg was Born 4/08/1864 in Brzesko, Poland.
The Registration Form Below is from Bochnia, 1864.
It was copied in October, 2001 from Microfilm # 948,419
in Bet-Hatfutzot, Tel-Aviv University.

Sara Fiselberg Birth 1864.JPG (180196 bytes)

Sara Sheindel (Fischelberg) Dorf

Headstone is Located in Pute, Holland
  Obtained from Danny Lehrer (1998)


Death Certificate. Obtained from Antwerp, 1999
   Translated to Hebrew by my father Abe Kehati


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