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לאתר בעברית

Descendants of Rivka & Leibish Ganger

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Sources:  POT - Yad-Vashem Page of Testimony.
                JRI-PL - Jewish record Indexing - Poland.
                Polish Archives.
                Antwerp Archives.

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  Generation No

1. (1) Yecheskel Shraga Feiwel Hollander. Born: Abt. 1812 in Piwniczna, Poland.  [Source: Matzeva of son Mendel].
        ? Died: 11/06/1901  in
Piwniczna, Poland.   [Source: Piwniczny Arch. D #6].
         + Tyly Maryem Braunfeld.
Born: Abt. 1812.  (D. of Schaje & Neshy).  
                 Died: 24/11/1886 in Piwniczna, Poland.   [Source: Piwniczny Arch. D #20].
       2. (1.1) Menachem Mendel Hollander. Born: 1845 in Piwniczna, Poland.
                   Died: 18/01/1916 in Jerusalem, Israel.   
[Source: Matzeva @ Har-Zeitim Jeruslaem].       See Picture
          +  Frimet Frieda Frisch. Born: Abt. 1842.  (D. of Rubin & Chaii Esther).    [Source: Death Cert of son Naftali].
                  Died: 5/06/1891 in Piwniczna, Poland.    [Source: Piwniczny Arch. D#8].

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