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לאתר בעברית

It was 1982 when I met R' Yom-Tov Lipa Mann Z"L (Branch-4.2) in New-York soon after I started documenting the Mann family. R' Lipa sat down with me and wrote for me all he knew about the people of this family, and it's all due to his help that I managed over the following 25 years to find all the branches of this great family.

During my research I found many MANN family twigs, which unfortunately I did not manage to connect to ours. Hence, I listed them in a separate page. See Un-Connected.

If you spot mistakes or omissions, please write to me at:
Ra'anana, Israel
Tel:  +972-(0)9-744-5222

Other Sources: The sources for this Tree are many, and mostly from family members.
Odditional sources, mainly for early generations, are :
* LSD Microfilm library,
* The Hungarian SIG at of,
* SSDI in the U.S.A.,
 * and various Hungarian Archives;
     1. At Nagykallo.
     2. At Nyiregyhaza.
     3. At Abaujszanto.
     4. At Budszentmihaly (today Tiszvasvari).
     5. At
     6.  1848 Jewish census, Film 48389.
Red first letter (such as Born) denotes that I have a copy of the said document.

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The following Tree is the Skeleton of the MANN Family Tree, descendants of Akiva Mann.
Details of further generations are shown in the branches.  

   Generation No.