Menachem Mendel Meizels

Born: Plock, Poland, May 16, 1848.                                                        Created: Dec. 26, 2001
Died: Antwerp, Belgium, June 13, 1914  
By: Shmuel Kehati

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Translation of Birth Registration

Film #730,205    Year 1861       Birth AKT #70

It happened in Plock on May 27 (15 ), 1861, at 8 a.m. when appeared Szulem Meyzels, merchant, residing in Plock, 50 years old, in the presence of the witnesses:
Michal Rura, 57 years old,
and Jeket Bauman, 53 years old, both are teachers in school.
They showed us a male baby and testified that he was born in
Plock on May 16 (4), 1848, from his wife Mary Lay Niedzwiedz, not alive, when they performed circumcision to the boy and named him Mendel.

The reason for the late registration is that they forgot to register him after his birth.

(Translated from Polish)

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Buried in Putte, Holland,
Machzike Hadas Section,
Park G, row 66, No. 36

Translation of Death Registration
(Picture below)
Registration No. 2125
Rusbroed No. 20, Apt 6
Death: June 13
Born: 1850

On June 15, 1914, a.m., registered the death of
Mendel Meizels,
manager of a synagogue, 64 years and 3 months old, born in Plock, Russia, lived here,
died at his apartment on June 13, this year, at 11 a.m.

Husband of Sara Meizels, the son of Salomon Meizels and Mariem Lae Nezvitz.

Witnessed by Isidor Kerstein, diamond cutter, 40 years old, son-in-law of the deceased,
residing in Borgerhout, and by Samuel Berenblut, diamond cutter, 25 years old, grand-son of the deceased, residing here.

(Translated from Flamish)

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                               Death registration obtained from Antwerp, Belgium. Jan 1999

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