Meszulam Salomon Meizels

Born: 1803                                                                            Created: Dec. 26, 2001
Married 1: Plock, Poland, Dec. 31, 1822.                            Updated: 8/08/2017 - Added death record and picture.
Married 2: Plock, Poland, Dec. 12, 1832.                           
By: Shmuel Kehati
Married 3: Plock, Poland, Oct. 4, 1855.
Died: Warsaw, Poland, 26/09/1878.

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Translation of 1st Marriage Registration

Microfilm # 729,207
Year 1822 Marriage Cert. No. 17

On December 31, 1822, at 4 p.m.
came Maszylem Mayzels, single, dealer from Plock, 19 years old,
son of Yosef Mayzels and Hinda Wolkov and presented a civil document,

and also Feyge Toba Neidzwidz, single, from Plock, 16 years old according to birth certificate she presented, daughter of Chaim Szlomy, and Ruchel daughter of Yakob, Neidzwidz.

The parents agrees and there was a previous agreement between them and they declared that in accordance with the law Meszylem Mayzels and Feyge Toba are getting married, and we sign this document: Marcus Shlomo from Mlawa 64 years old and …

(Translated from Polish)

Meszulam Wedd2.jpg (117994 bytes) Translation of 2nd Marriage Registration

Film # 730,201
Year 1832 Marriage Cert # 29

On December 12, 1832, at 4 p.m. came Rabbi Alexander Kohn
with SZYLEM MAJSEL, Wolomin, a grain dealer, 32 years old, resident of Plock. His parents are Rabbi Yosef Majsels, Hinda Wolf Kohn, who are deceased.

Also came Maryem Laie Niedzwiedz, single, 19 years old, born to Chaim Szloimy, and Ruchle whose father was Yakov, Nidzwicz. This couple have an inn in Plock, she lives with her parents and she comes to be married.

The witnesses Ber Waserman 56 and Hirsch Puk (Peck ?) Shamash 44, said that they witnessed on this day the religious marriage of Szylem Majsels a widower, and Maryem Laie Niedzwiedz, unmarried.

Prior to the wedding it was announced three times in Plock, on the November 18th and 25th 1832, and on December 2nd 1832. The parents agreed and they had no objection, and the couple declared that they had no other agreement prior to this wedding.

This document was read to the witnesses after-which Alexander Kohn, Szylem Majsels, Chaim Szloimy Nidzwicz and Ber Waserman signed it.

(Translated from Polish)
Meszulam Wedd3.jpg (211083 bytes) Translation of 3rd  Marriage Registration

Film # 730,204
Year 1855 Marriage Cert # 24

On October 4, 1855, at 9 (or 10) a.m. came Avraham Mozes Morshtein with SZULEM MAYZELS Wolomine (?), residing in Plock, 50 years old. His parents are Yosef and Hinda Mayzels.

Also came Hinda Beyla Mayzel, unmarried, 22 years old, from Mlawa, born to Gabryel and Ester Mayzel, a dealer from Mlawa.

The witnesses Chajim Szlimy Neidzwidz, 70 years old, and Mana Bataban, said that they witnessed on August 30th of this year the religious marriage of Szulem Mayzels Welomine (?) a widower, and Hinda Beyla Mayzel, unmarried, religious.

The marriage was performed after they waited for three announcements on (July 30th) August 8th, August 18th (6th) and 25th (13th) of this year in Plock and June 23rd (11th), 30th (18th) and (June 25th) July 7th of this year in Mlawa. After the announcement about the wedding the parents signed a written consent. The witnesses testified that there ware no objections, therefore they, Abraham Meyer, Szulem Mayzels, Chaim Szloimy Niedzwiedz and Mana Bataban signed this document.

(Translated from Polish)
                                  Died in Warsaw 26/09/1878
                              Sector 32, Row 15, # 41

                 פ"נ  יכתב במעלות שלום על משכבו
     ולמרום שב ........  
פזר הונו ורכושו לכל יקר
איש עצה ותבונה התאבק בעפר
הצדיקי והחסידים. קבע עתים
לתורה. החסיד המפורסם לשבח
ולתהילה. כבוד שעזר לתפארת
משולם בן הרב    מורינו ר'
יוסף אב"ד דק"ק ......
יע"א. כ"ח אלול תרלח לפ"ק
המה"ג מיזעל משולם

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