Sura Ruchel Mejzels


Created: Dec. 26, 2001
By: Shmuel Kehati

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Born: 16/12/1846 Plock, Poland.

אשה חשובה וצנועה
מ' שרה רחל בת
ר' יוסף יעקב מייזעלס ז"ל
אשת מנחם מענדיל מייזעלס ז"ל
מעיר פראשניץ. נפטרה
כ"ה מרחשון תרפ"ב
 ת נ צ ב ה

Translation of Head Stone

Here is Buried
a distinguished, modest women
daughter of Yoseph Yakov Mejzels
wife of Menachem Mendel Mejzels
from Prosznice.
Died 25 of Cheshvan, 682.

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Died: 28/11/1921, Antwerp, Belgium
            Buried in Putte, Holland,
          Section - H, Row-80, No. 5

Birth registration, obtained from LDS
film #730,203, 1846 Birth Reg. # 76

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Translation of Birth Registration

Film # 730,203
Year 1846
Birth Reg. # 76
It happened in Plock on December 24 (11) 1846, personally appeared
Josef Jacob Mejsels, a trader, 20 years old, a resident of Plock,

in the presence of two witnesses: Levin Frankel, 65 years old,
and Michal Rura, 40 years old, both from Plock.

They testified that a female baby and was born in Plock on December 16 (4) 1846, at 2 PM, from his wife Pejsa Nee Frankel, 18 years old when they named her Sura Ruchel.

Signatures: Josef Jakob Mejsels (Hebrew)
(Translated from Polish)

Death Certificate, obtained from Antwerp, Belgium, Jan 1999

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Translation of Death Registration

Registration No. 3635
KievitStr No. 13, Apt 6
Death: November 29
Born: 1848 ?

On November 29, 1921, at 1 p.m., registered the death of Sara Rachel Maizels, unskilled, 73 years old, born in Plock, Poland, lived in Lodz, Poland, moved over here, died at her apartment on November 28, this year, at 11 p.m.

Widow of Mendel Maizels, daughter of Yosef Yankel Maizels and Pesel Frankel,

witnessed by Itsek Kerstein, Diamond worker, 47 years old, son-in-law of the deceased,
and by Rebeca Herszkowitsch, unskilled, 27 years old, grand-daughter of the deceased.

Both reside here.


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