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Created: 01/08/1998. Based on information passed on to me by Martin Rosenbaum in 1982.
Last Updated: 5/09/2020. Extensively updated with information recieved from Mark Resnicoff  (Branch-4).
Previously Updated: 23/09/2008., 23/04/2006, 24/09/2005,1/09/2005,12/12/2004,25/11/2004,18/08/2004,12/03/2004,15/01/2004,3/09/2003,30/10/2002, 1/08/2002, 26/9/2001,26/4/2001, 29/9/2000, 24/04/2000, 9/11/99,  2/04/99, 23/01/99, 03/12/98

Rosenbaum Family TREE

Sources: SCG - Sub-Carpathia-Genealogy site. 
                POT - Yad-Vashem Page of Testimony.
                JRI-PL - Jewish record Indexing - Poland.

Some Locations mentioed in this page:

The Sub-Carpathia area was
under Hungarian control 11th century-1920 and 1938-1944, Czechoslovakia (1920-1938), since 1944, Ukraine.

Bilke,              Hungary.  Bilky, Czechoslovakia. Today is Bilky, Ukraine.

Dolha,             Hungary. Dovhé, Czechoslovakia.  Today is Dovhe, Ukraine.

Felsőveresmart, Hungary. Veľká-Kopaňa, Czechoslovakia. Today is Velyka-Kopanya, Ukraine.

Iloncza,           Hungary Ilnice, Czechoslovakia , Today is Il'nytsya, Ukraine.

Nagyszőllős,   Hungary. Sevluš, Czechoslovakia. Today is Vynohradiv, Ukraine.

Red first letter (such as Born) denotes that I have a copy of the said document.

Rosenbaum Family Tree

    Numbers in black represent the Generation number.
1. Samuel Rosenbaum.
[Source: Son Szaja Mendel's death rec.]. Chaim Zvi Matzeva
        + Hani Lieba. 
[Source: Son Szaja Mendel's death rec.].
   (1) 2. Moshe Dov, Mojzes Berl Rosenbaum [Source: Son's Matzeva].
          + Yudith.  
[Source: Son's Matzeva].

      (1.1) 3. Chaim Zvi, Hirsch Herman Rosenbaum. Born: Abt. 1866.  [Source: His grandson Shmuel Rosenbaum-Shechter, Branch-1. ].
            Died: 10/11/1930 in Nagyszollos, Czechoslovakia [Sources: SCG Death Rec. Matzeva at right].
           + Esther Eckstein. Born: Silce, Chzecheslovakia.  [Source: Husband's Deth Rec.].
               Killed: 21/05/1944 in Auschwitz, Poland. [Source:  POT #13882005].
(1.2) 3. Shmuel Rosenbaum. Born: Abt. 1869.   Killed: 1944 Auschwitz, Poland.   [Source:   ].
      (1.3) 3. Yankel Rosenbaum. Born: Abt. 1869.   Killed: 1944 Auschwitz, Poland.   [Source:  POT 6401304].
      (1.4) 3. Faiga Tzipora Rosenbaum. (? Fani)      ?  Born: 1867 in Homok, Hungary.   [Source: SCG-Births].
              Died: 12/11/1940 in
Olyvos, Hungary.  [Source: Jewishgen JOWBR].
           + Nachman Goldstein.  ?  Born: 1863 in Olyvos, Hungary. (S. of Zelig & Gadajlovic).  [Source: SCG-Births].
                 Killed: 1944 Auschwitz, Poland. 
[Source: POT 10103604].

  The following Families are a part of this branch:
                    see  Branch - 1
     Beilus         Feiler     Frankel            Gluck             Goldstein    Greenwald

      Handler     Katz             Moskowitz       Mutzen          Nockenofski

     Rosenbaum    Shechter      Waldman        Weiss

(2) 2. Szaja Menachem Mendel Rosenbaum. Born: Abt. 1847 in Alsókaraszló, Hungary.                                                    
        Died: 10/05/1924 in Ilnice, Czechoslovakia.
[Source: SCG Death Rec. #48].
        + Terézia, Rezi, Drezil Friedman. Born: Abt. 1850 in Iloncza, Hungary. (D. of Avraham Eliyahu & Yitta). 
             Married: in IlonczaHungary.
            Died: 7/02/1927 in Damoc
, Hungary.  [Source: Matzeva at right].            For more details see here    

     (2.1) 3. Herko Rosenbaum. Born: 16/10/1873 in Alsókaraszló, Hungary. [Source:  SCG Birth Rec.].

     (2.2) 3. Yetta Brane, Brina Rosenbaum. Born: 1/12/1876 in Ilonce, Hungary.   [Source: SCG Marriage Rec.].                                            
               Killed: 05/1944 in Auschwitz, Poland.                                          See picture
Herczka Herman, Hershel Rottenstein. Born: 1/04/1876 in Felsőveresmart, Hungary.
                Married: 28/12/1898 in Ilonce, Hungary.   [Source: SCG Marriage Rec.].  
                Killed: 05/1944 in Auschwitz, Poland.

      The following Families are a part of this branch:
      David       Golden       Nadler      Perelman        Rosenthal            see Branch - 4
      Rottenstein   Resnicof      Smith

    (2.3) 3. Chajem Eizik Ignatz Rosenbaum. Born:12/05/1878  in Ilonca, Czechoslovakia. [Source:  SCG Marriage Rec.].
             Killed: 1944 in Auschwitz, Poland. [Source: POT #10682236].
      + Fani Sura, Faige Sajovicz.  Born: 17/02/1883 in Bilke, Hungary.
            Married: 13/06/1901 in Bilke, Hungary.  [Source:  SCG Marriage Rec.].
            ? Killed: 19/05/1944 in Auschwitz, Poland. 
       The following Families are a part of this branch:                                     see Branch - 2
        Blumenthal    Klein   Levine   Rosenbaum    Rosenthal   Tawil  Teitel

   (2.4) 3. Ezriel Zvi Hershel, Herman Rosenbaum. Born: 09/1880 in Ilonce, Hungary.  [Source: SCG Birth Rec.].
              Killed: 1944.

       + Gitel Gisela Klein. Born: 10/08/1883 in Butfalya (Budfalo), Maramaros, Hungary.
              Married: 6/06/1906
in Őrdarma, Hungary. [Source:  SCG Marriage Rec.].
              Died: 1940 in Ternovitze
, Hungary.

        The following Families are a part of this branch:                                see   Branch - 3
      Ginsberg       Grinwald    Perlstein   Rosenbaum    Zukerman 

    (2.5) 3. Scheva Zseni Rosenbaum. Born: 20/11/1880 in Alsó-Harasztó, Hungary.  [Source: SCG-Marriages[.
                Killed: 05/1944 in Auschwitz, Poland.   [Source:  POT #
      + Avram Pinchas, Fulop Eizdorfer. Born: 1881 in Ilonce, Hungary.         [Source: SCG-Births].
           Married: 17/02/1902 in Ilonce, Czechoslovakia.  
[Source: SCG-Marriages].
           Killed: 19/05/1944 in Auschwitz, Poland.    [Source:  POT #13258466].

        The following Families are a part of this branch: 
      Eisdorfer      Blumenthal      Fish    Godshmit      Goldman   Heller   
      Koler          Kurtz             Landau             Perlshtein                                         see  Branch - 5

     (2.6) 3. Abraham Elya Rosenbaum. Born: 7/02/1886 in Ilonce,  Hungary. [Source:  SCG Birth Rec.].
  Died: 1887 in Ilonce, Hungary. [Source: SCG Death Rec.].

    (2.7) 3. Ruchel Leia Rosenbaum. Born: 19/12/1889 in Ilonce, Hungary. [Source: SCG Birth Reg. #151].
         Killed: 15/06/1944 in Auschwitz, Poland.    [Source: POT # 13851174].
      + Yitzchak Nute, Ignatz Weiss (Veisz). Born: 06/1887 in Kerecke, Hungary. Source: SCG 1910 Birth Reg. #104].
            Married: 22/11/1911 in Ilonce, Hungary.   [Source: SCG Marriage Reg. #44].
            Killed: 06/1944 in Auschwitz, Poland.   [Source: POT # 13861594].

       The following Families are a part of this branch:
       Weis       Eisdorfer        Itzkovitz      Karasik       Kind       
                    see Branch - 6
        Moskovitz      Rot         Sharf      Shtorch     Ungerman    Wiesner

   (2.8) 3. Yacov Samuel Rosenbaum. Born: 1/01/1892 in Ilonce, Hungary. [Source: SCG Birth Rec.].
            Killed: 1/10/1944 in Auschwitz, Poland.
     + Szima Grunstein. Born: 10/10/1896 in Iloncze,
Hungary.   [Source: SCG Birth Rec.].
            Married: 15/01/1920 in Iloncze, Hungary.   [Source: SCG Marriage Rec.].
            Died: 27/10/1931 in Iolncze, Czechoslovakia.

The following Families are a part of this branch:
          Elizur   Engel      Goldberg  Grunwald        Kehati                    see  Branch - 7
           Mann     Reichmann     Reiss,    Sheffer

        *2nd Wife of  (2.8) Yacov Shmuel Rosenbaum:
             +Miriam Klein. Married: 1933 in Ilonce,

     (2.9) 3. David, Dov Leib Rosenbaum. Born: 12/07/1896 in Ilonce, Hungary. [Source: SCG Birth Rec.].
            Killed: 1944
in Auchwitz, Poland.
        + Paula Davidovic. Born: 21/01/1895 in Dolha, Hungary.  [Source: SCG Marriage Rec.].
              Married: 13/07/1922 in Dovhé, Hungary.
              Killed: 1944 in Auchwitz, Poland.
          4. 5 Children. Killed: 1944 in Auchwitz, Poland.

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